Why Casual Weddings Are Here to Stay


Weddings have traditionally been events right out of fairytales. There’s the flower-strewn carpet leading to the brightly lit altar. Then, the magnificent bouquet. Then, the seats all tapered with silk ribbon. After all, it’s your special day, so why not make it as special as it can possibly be?

However, some couples have decided that the fabulous and flamboyant isn’t really the vibe they want. And as the trends keep going, this train of thought has become more and more common. So, why is this all happening?

Casual Weddings 101

A casual wedding can be defined in many ways, but the general consensus is that it’s a wedding that doesn’t necessarily follow traditions like a big church wedding or other rituals. It can be a simple civil ceremony with some glamour or an intimate, outdoor ceremony in a home backyard.

It doesn’t always equate to simple, though. There are some casual weddings that can still cost a considerable amount. The key difference here is formality. While you’d normally consider weddings to be a very solemn affair, casual weddings serve the wine before the ceremony starts and it’s perfectly fine to show up in casual clothes.

Why Do This?

There are a couple of reasons couples would want a casual wedding, but the most prominent one is practicality. Traditional weddings often cost thousands of dollars — and that’s just the actual ceremony itself. According to most local wedding photographers in Salt Lake City, the majority of the budget for the wedding is often blown on stuff like flowers, clothes, and food, leaving very little for the other expenses that the couple needs to get done.

Having a casual wedding is a great way to save both time and money, which the couple could spend on other things. Since all they technically need is an officiant and some witnesses, their wedding can be as fancy as they want it to be, not because a wedding package determines it so.

Not Just for the Couple

Casual Wedding

Another reason some people prefer casual weddings is that they are easier for guests, too. Traditional weddings often have a strict dress code or have other requirements that can be difficult for guests to fulfill, but having a casual wedding can get rid of all that. For this kind of ceremony, just show up and don’t make a ruckus at the wedding, and you’ll be fine.

This is especially apparent once you see who is holding this type of wedding: millennials who traditionally settle for low-cost options. Since the majority of this market now holds buying power when it comes to marriage ceremonies, the demand for casual weddings has now eclipsed the one for traditional ceremonies.

Should You Do It?

If you want to hold a casual wedding, that’s entirely up to you. Not everyone’s tastes are the same and what can be someone’s dream day can differ wildly from someone else. But if you do ever decide to go for a casual wedding over a traditional one, know that you have a lot of options — and even more people willing to help you.

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