Trick the Camera: Makeup Hacks to Look Supermodel Stunning in Photographs

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We’ve officially entered an era where almost everyone seems to be all about looking great in photographs. It could be a simple selfie on your smartphone, an Instagram post for that “grammable” feed, yearbook photos taken by a high school senior photographer in Utah, or just a little something to spice up your Tinder profile. If you’re constantly in front of a camera, you have certainly noticed one common theme: what the camera captures does not always match whatever it is you see in real life. Here, we’re going to talk about how you can trick the lens into playing along with you through some simple makeup tricks.

Keep in mind, however, that these makeup hacks are not about entirely changing your application techniques just so you would look good in photographs. These are subtle tweaks to your routine to make sure you’re always camera-ready. Read on to learn more:

Sheer is In

One of the main things that photography tends to pick up, especially if it’s a high-quality lens, is how smooth your base makeup is. So, to make sure that your foundation looks as seamless as possible, and that it matches your face and neck (no one wants that “floating head” look), the trick is to dial everything back. Even if you’re a full-coverage type of girl, grab a sheer foundation formula and apply the product only where you need them. Cover any redness on the center of the face and blend it all the way through your nose, tip of the chin, or any imperfections you’d want to cover up. Make sure you still allow your skin to peek through. Wearing minimal foundation means you won’t have to worry about cakey-ness and you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day without those annoying streaks and visible lines that flatter no one.

Matte is the Way to Go

The best option for photography is that semi-matte skin look. Your face will not look too shiny and oily, but it won’t be too dry that you’ll end up looking flat and unrealistic. This is true not just for our base, but for your entire makeup look as well. For example, for your eyeshadow, try experimenting with layering textures to create stunning eyes that would look great in photographs. Top a matte shade with metallic glitter, liquid eyeshadow, or anything with a wet formula to achieve a duo-chrome effect that will make your eyes look as if they’re “floating.”

Bronze and Brighten, But Not Too Much

Doing makeup for flash photography is always the trickiest. If the camera’s flash is too strong, it can create that bright effect which eventually washes out your complexion. When this happens, whatever colors you put on your face will only turn out to be flat and almost, if not entirely, invisible. So, if you’re going to use flash photography, it’s the perfect time to explore some brighter colors you normally wouldn’t pick up. However, some cameras tend to pick up yellows and oranges in a tricky manner, so make sure you don’t go overboard with your bronzers and golden highlights.

Confidence, Baby, Confidence!

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Makeup hacks are great for hiding imperfections or highlighting your best assets. No amount of makeup, however, can cover up lack of confidence. Don’t be afraid to go all out when taking photos. Flash those teeth and do a crazy pose. If the camera captures anything well, it’s the image of a person who is really having fun.

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