Why an Intimate Wedding Is Superior even Without a Pandemic

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Tradition dictates that we must invite all our friends, relatives, co-workers, and even a few neighbors and acquaintances to our wedding. All in all, they can make up around 100 people in our guest list, and that doesn’t include our families and entourage yet!

But recently, before COVID-19 and in the middle of it, intimate weddings became more popular. Celebrities, who are known to hold the most luxurious and extravagant weddings, were also enticed by a low-key celebration, most notably Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Thanks to them, more ordinary couples began to appreciate the appeal of an intimate wedding and considered it for their own big day.

Many couples may just have been forced to do it because of the pandemic, but if you’re getting married just this year or the next, you should definitely still consider it. An intimate wedding isn’t just cheaper, but also less stressful.

Below are the rest of the reasons intimate weddings will stay superior after COVID-19:

1. It Makes Interactions Easier and More Fun

Do you like to entertain your spouse’s former co-worker or your spouse’s cousin’s girlfriend? Sure, it’s great to meet new people, but your wedding isn’t a college party or a bar where random people can show up and expect the same level of a warm welcome as everyone. Plus, if you’re an introvert, you’d surely dread talking to guests you barely know.

With an intimate wedding, you’ll only invite your family, closest relatives, and best friends. What’s more, you can set restrictions on “plus ones,” keeping your friends or relatives from bringing their significant others unless they’re engaged or married to them. You’d spare yourself the awkwardness of interacting with a new face or an annoying aunt. It will make your wedding more relaxed and drama-free.

2. You Can Skip the Wedding Party

If the budget is tight, a wedding party will be stressful to plan. Though intimate weddings can also have a party, you can make it low-key and simpler, which will be easier on your pockets. Instead of partying in an expensive venue, you can have dinner and wine in a restaurant’s private room or your own backyard if there’s room. With only your dearest loved ones around you, they wouldn’t mind the lack of a DJ, disco lights, and blaring music. After all, they came to celebrate you and your spouse’s love, not to have free food and aesthetic Instagram photos.

3. It’s Easier for Photographers

Experienced wedding photographers may have an easier time with a small group of people. With fewer guests, the likelihood of someone getting in the photographer’s way with their tablet’s screen on your face will be lowered. Not to mention children running around who might trip over wires and other photography equipment.

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4. It Increases the Health and Safety of Everyone

The pandemic taught us that a simple hug or cheek-to-cheek kiss could have deadly consequences. So while the effects of COVID-19 are still fresh, it’s better to keep avoiding huge social gatherings. A small guest list is most beneficial for vulnerable people, like those with preexisting health conditions or compromised immune systems. If you or your spouse happen to be that exact person, you have all the reasons to minimize the number of your guests.

5. You Can Make the Small Details Look Luxurious

Intimate weddings don’t always have to be understated, according to wardrobe stylist Jeff Galang. Indeed, just because you’re spending less doesn’t mean that you should forego glamour. Save money on catering, but splurge on your wedding gown. Wear the dress you’ve been dreaming of as a little girl. Make the smaller details finer, such as your table centerpieces, invitations, and wedding rings.

6. You’d Have More Time to Engage with Your Guests

Couples who had a big wedding often complained about not having enough time to engage with their guests. They had to move from table to table fast, usually just for a picture-taking, then retake their places for the program. As a result, the couples were exhausted after the celebration, and they didn’t even have that much fun!

On the contrary, an intimate wedding gives you plenty of chances to interact with your guests for an adequate time. You can even sit at just one long table and enjoy a good, long conversation. You wouldn’t be stuck with hi’s and thank you’s, but rather feel like you’re just having a fancy dinner somewhere nice.

A small group of guests won’t make your wedding any less meaningful; in fact, it makes it more special. So let’s normalize this type of celebration and redefine weddings as a solemn celebration of love, not an instant family reunion or alumni homecoming.

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