The Most Interesting and High-paying Photography Careers


When you say you want to pursue a career in photography, that statement is quite general. There are so many different fields you can get into and careers you can pursue, which are all in the realm of photography. There are food photographers, travel photographers, sports photographers, and more. There are a lot of industries and niches your camera and your photography skills can get you in.

Talk to professional photographers, and you’ll find that all of them have different skill sets. Some are good at taking interesting and beautiful photos of sceneries, while others are more apt in working with celebrities and models for magazine shoots. Each specialization requires different sets of skills and mastery.

If you’re interested in pursuing a photography career, it’s important to choose a specialization. If you don’t know where you fit in best just yet, don’t worry. Here are interesting and high-paying photography careers you can pursue.

Wedding photography

Probably one of the most common specialization photographers have is in the field of events. Wedding photographers, specifically, are very high in demand. It’s a high paying career too, with an annual income of $62,135 per year. That’s significantly higher than the wage of photographers in other industries.

Photographers working in this field would admit that the job is incredibly satisfying and meaningful. You become a witness to special moments in the lives of other people. If you want to pursue a career as a wedding photographer, the best way is to join a wedding production company or partner with established photographers.

Commercial photography

Visual art has found increasing significance in the corporate sphere. More businesses are beginning to hire photographers to help them with their marketing efforts. Since visual and eye-catching advertisements prove the most effective in promoting a brand, companies are tapping into platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to market their products. Hence, they need the help of commercial photographers to create visually-appealing photos for their brand.

This field involves taking interesting and appealing photos of products such as food, clothes, architecture, etc. More often than not, photographers in this field are given one objective: take photos that will make consumers want to purchase the product. Hence, a lot of creativity is needed in this field. The challenge is how to put the subjects in the best light in order to yield profit for the company.

Portrait photography


Portrait photography is another field that is very high in demand. Professionals in this line of work usually collaborate with media companies like TV and magazines. They work with models, corporate personnel, and the like, taking photos of them for the use of the company.

Working as a portrait photographer requires that you have your own personal style. You should be able to take interesting photos that bring your subject in the best light. Plus, you need to have staging and people skills too, considering that you will work with a lot of different individuals. Sometimes, your subjects will not know how to present themselves in front of the camera, so you need to give them direction. Think of this career as a photographer and director rolled in one.

Travel photography

Travel photography is one of the most desired fields by photographers. Imagine getting to visit different destinations and capturing the beauty of each place with your camera! But with this satisfaction comes a lot of sacrifices. A travel photographer will be on the road for months. They have to wake up early to capture sunrises and travel long distances carrying heavy equipment. It’s challenging work, but nothing short of fulfilling.

There are a lot of opportunities available in the photography industry. And with the advent of technology and social media, photographers now are highly in demand. If you want to pursue a photography career, start by choosing your specialization.

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