Nature in Art: How Nature Can Inspire Your Creativity as an Artist


Nature is one of the best art mediums that is stunning, textural, colorful, and versatile. If you have ever tried searching the Internet about amazing facts about the Atlantic Ocean or the Amazon Forest, the search results will provide incredible information and images that will inspire you to create art. In fact, ancient people produced artworks inspired by nature. But instead of pencils or pens, they rely on mineral and organic-based pigments.

Making art based on nature is all about using different Earth-related elements, such as water, stones, sticks, soil, and leaves. Any finished product makes a unique statement that talks about humanity and our relationship with nature.

Exploring the outdoors and experiencing nature is one of the best ways to appreciate the environment. Not only will it help unwind and relax your mind, but it can also inspire you to create different art forms. It also challenges our viewpoints and creative skills that we are not aware of. For artists and creative thinkers, creating art in nature is a fundamental skill in the art world.

Whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner, exploring the different aspects of nature will help you become a better artist. With this in mind, here’s how nature can inspire you to do better on your creative journey.

Nature helps relieve stress

If you choose to stay inside your four-walled studio, it won’t be easy to let go of the fears and doubts you have. Secluding yourself from the outdoors can be stressful and suffocating. It becomes difficult to pick up the pen since everything feels too much. Every artist has been there.

According to a study by the University of Stanford, researchers discovered that walking outside enhances creative inspiration. In one of their experiments, they studied the creativity levels of participants while walking and sitting. Results showed that an individual’s creative output increases by 60% while walking.

If you feel tempted to go outside and want a change of environment, don’t be afraid to explore the great outdoors. Commit to travel once in a while to stir your mind and creative juices. This technique is the fastest route to alter your mindset.

When exploring nature, don’t forget to bring your art materials if you are in the mood to sketch or paint the view. The artwork doesn’t have to be perfect; use the time to practice your skills and let go of your negative feelings.


Nature enhances memory

Having a sharp memory is one of the essential assets if you want to attain your creative potential. It helps create creative solutions and pull unique ideas that you never thought of having.

In a study by the University of Michigan, going outside improves memory, attention, and focus. In fact, even simply looking at images of nature can enhance cognitive abilities. During the experiment, the participants answered a memory examination. The first group walked inside an arboretum, while the other group explored the busy streets. When they returned, the participants who visited an arboretum performed 20% better on the tests, while the others who walked in the city did not show any signs of improvement.

Nature improves mental health

Struggling with a mental health issue hinders an artist’s capability to reach their full potential. But spending more time outdoors can enhance mental wellbeing and boost overall mood.

For example, artists often have specific choices when picking a subject for their paintings. The first step of the creative process is always the most difficult, especially when you feel frustrated and no idea is coming out of your mind. But when surrounded by nature, any artist will certainly get inspired to try any form of style by applying different textures, light, and colors based on nature.

Using tech devices, such as smartphones and laptops, can also trigger stress and anxiety. When exploring nature, try to hide your phone or leave it at home to free yourself from any distractions. No email notifications, social media, and annoying work calls. While exploring nature, find the perfect scenery and allow it to wander in your mind, and let yourself unwind. Leave the pressure and stress brought by the hustles of everyday life in each step you take.

Walking along nature will drive new ideas in your mind. If you want to take a break, why not devote time to explore natural sites? Doing so will help you slow down and bring in the unique inspiration you need for your creative projects.

The next time you are stuck in a rut, why not bring your sketchbook and portable easel as you explore nature? If you’re a digital photographer, always bring a camera with you to capture every stunning scenery. Spending time with nature is one of the best ways to bring those creative ideas to fruition.

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