Using Art For Sprucing Up Your Home

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Decorating a house sounds so simple and easy. Buying some paint and a few decorations might be your chosen solution, but that is boring. Many homeowners want their house to be more than just basic fixtures and whatever they picked up at the furniture store. If you want to add a bit of class to your home, then using art can spice things up. Here are some of your tips if you want to use art in decorating your home.

Art Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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It can be surprising what can be considered art. Don’t just think that art is simply paintings. That limits your options greatly when you are decorating. If you are trying to spice up your rooms’ design, you should be open-minded about what can be art. They can be small sculptures, quilts that you hand on the walls, and more. You can even make the art pieces yourself if you have some creativity. For example, you can frame a collage of postcards or photos of places you visited. It can serve to showcase your skills and your travels.

Size Matters

Not every piece of art is equal. If you are deciding which art to use for a room, you need to consider its size. Before anything else, you have to consider the size of the room and the size of the art. Small pieces are very flexible, but larger ones need measuring and checking before considering bringing them in. For example, a large wall hanging might dominate your wall completely. If this is your goal, then that is a good thing, but it might also detract from the other aspects of the room. It might also make the room look cramped.

Decide On Whether It Is The Focus

If you are bringing in art, the usual reason for it is to catch people’s eyes. Bringing art in needs to have a purpose. Deciding on why you have that piece of art can influence how you place it and what other items you can match with it. For example, you might think of designing a room around a work of art. A very impressive painting of a landscape might need the right colors to accentuate its looks and frame it with the right lighting and more.

Color Coordinate With The Pieces

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The colors of the room will highlight the art pieces you are using. Different colors have different effects, which is important if you want to maximize the artistic effect of a piece of art. For example, when you have an impressive piece of art, you should frame it with white. This is the reason why a lot of museums and art galleries use white walls. People’s eyes think of it as a visual absence, so they are drawn to whatever art piece is there.

Be Willing To Look At New Works

A big misconception that people have is that art has to be old and has many stories attached to them. But there are many new artists out there. You should seriously hunt around for talent in the local scene. There are various artists out there that are just starting their first steps. Buying their early output can mean that you get some cheap artwork for your place. Besides that, it will also help the local artists take the first steps into a wider world. You can also get in early with some artists, which might mean you are getting something special.

Don’t Hesitate To Wait

One of the things that you have to remember is that you don’t have to immediately buy all the things that can decorate a room. Sometimes, you can’t find the little essential element that you think completes a room. You should not hesitate to leave it empty. Part of decorating is knowing when something is missing from a room’s theme. You might not have found it yet. Let it be and have a placeholder in that spot. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect piece of art for the room, so be patient.

Decorating a house with art does not have to be expensive. You have to be smart about it. It can be surprising where you can find good art and how you can use it right. Depending on the room, you also might have several choices available. Make your choice based on the effect you want to give and impress your guests with your artistic tastes.

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