10 Booming Businesses in Salt Lake City Today

Are you thinking of going into business? Do you believe you have great and innovative ideas that could make a difference in people’s lives? If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then you should consider setting up your business and base of operations in Utah.

Out of 50 states, the Beehive State is ranked 3rd by Forbes as the 3rd state easiest to conduct business in 4th in lowest corporate taxes and access to venture capital. These make Utah the perfect place to launch your startup.

Whether you’re looking at franchising a furniture store in Salt Lake City or launching a Korean restaurant in Lehi, Utah is a great place for budding entrepreneurs.

10 Businesses That Are Increasing in Popularity in Utah



Three-year growth: 1,529%

This multilevel marketing company is involved in the health and wellness industry, similar to another big Utah-based company, NuSkin. Tranont uses the direct-to-consumer marketing approach for the distribution of their dietary supplements, financial products, and subscriptions.


Three-year growth: 1,817%

Do you find making beds such a chore? Well, this West Jordan-based company may be the answer to your problem. Beddy’s manufactures zippered bed and mattress covers with sewn-in sheets to lessen your frustrations of making your bed.

American Business Brokers

Three-year growth: 2,257%

ABB helps facilitate company and business sales. The Salt Lake City-based company also provides services such as appraisals and market analysis to help businesses draw more strategic and efficient plans.

Blue Fire Leads

Three-year growth: 2,307%

As their name suggests, this company located in Provo helps generate leads for businesses that are into solar panel installations, flooring installations, pest control, and several other home-related services.


Three-year growth: 2,857%

Slingshot, which is located in Orem, takes care of sales and service calls on behalf of their clients which make up for more than a third of the country’s largest pest-control companies.


Three-year growth: 2,915%

Lehi company, iServe, specializes in assisting e-commerce shops by being a one-stop-shop for their different needs. Their analytics platform helps keep track of sales performance across the board in major online shops. They also take care of warehousing and distribution for a lot of these online businesses.


Three-year growth: 3,918%

Previously Teleserve, this Lehi-based company assists businesses by outsourcing services such as bookkeeping, accounting, and virtual assistant services.


Three-year growth: 4,795%

What started as a company that exclusively sold socks, Taft has now become a growing direct-to-consumer footwear maker. Headquartered in Provo, the company has now over 52 varieties of boots and shoes.

Funded Today

Three-year growth: 8,798%

One of the best things to come out of South Ogden, Funded Today is a boon to most entrepreneurs as they lend their expertise in marketing crowdfunding campaigns. These help businessmen launch their start-ups by getting more pledges and providing a wide range of other services.


Three-year growth: 13,645%

Podium, which is located in Lehi, offers software services that allow businesses to interact with their customers online. What used to be a platform for leaving customer reviews became a more interactive messaging tool allowing both the business and the customer to exchange thoughts, ideas, and responses.

With the growth these businesses had over the past three years, it just goes to show how healthy an environment and location Utah is for those who want to establish their own companies.

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