Women’s Health: Putting Yourself First Despite a Busy Schedule

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most of the workforce population in the United States consists of women. Around 50.04% of them are contributing to the economy’s growth and profitability. Thus, it’s undeniable that women play a major role in society, especially in the modern world. In the past, women need to work under men’s shadows or choose to raise kids than pursue a job. Now, they have full control over how they want to live their lives.

The benefit of today’s society is that it already allows women to get recognized for their achievements without being heavily criticized about it. Although constant discrimination among women still exists, the issue with women’s independence and call for equality is slowly getting heard. No wonder more and more women are deciding to achieve growth, especially in their careers. They no longer need to stick to old and traditional principles that they are only meant to become stay-at-home moms.

Having these benefits, however, also opens up new issues among women. Some of them impose pressure upon themselves because they want to prove to the world that they can do better. They want to be recognized, and they also want to tell everyone that being a woman won’t stop them from achieving great things. There is definitely nothing wrong with this. However, sometimes, women tend to forget about taking care of their health because they are too busy pursuing their passion for achieving career growth and success. If you are experiencing the same situation, you need to start re-evaluating your habits and ensure that you still achieve an ideal balance between work and personal life.

Practicing Self-Care Habits Despite Your Busy Schedule

Taking breaks or doing things other than work helps your mind and body take a break from all the stress and pressure around you. It also allows you to avoid feeling burnout because you get to do things that help you recharge or regain your energy. Doing this does not just prevent you from developing chronic illnesses. It also allows you to take care of your mental and emotional health, which is crucial, especially if you have a competitive and highly demanding job. To help you start putting yourself first, here are some recommendations that you can consider:

  • Get as much sleep as you can—As a workaholic, you might not be getting enough sleep. You may be losing sleep because you need to work overtime to address urgent issues or work on a new project. This is common among working adults, but you need to set the time to sleep. Remember that you need to get as much sleep as you can so you can regain energy, which you will need for the morning after.
  • Focus on maintaining a healthy body—Stop looking at your waistline and focus on having a strong and healthy body instead. Change your diet and stick to healthy food. Make sure that you also find time to work out or spend a few minutes exercising.
  • Feed your mental health with peace and serenity—Take a break from all the noise in your head by removing yourself from a stressful or toxic environment. Find time to meditate or visit a serene place where you can relax and unwind.
  • Indulge yourself in exciting and fun activities—Teach yourself to find time for having fun outside work. Visit an old friend or invite a colleague to watch Jesus Sight and Sound on theatres. The key is to try something new every time you have the opportunity to do so. Go on adventures and explore the world as well. Do this at least once every two weeks, so you can have something to look forward to after being stressed at work.

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You need to keep reminding yourself that you don’t have to prove anything to the world. Indeed, aiming for a better life and a more competitive career helps you achieve your personal goals. However, you need to ensure that you are accomplishing activities for yourself and not for anyone else. Being a workaholic puts you an advantage in improving your lifestyle and accomplishing huge milestones. However, you have to find the balance between working and practicing self-care habits. You need to make sure that you still find time to drop everything and do things to help you take care of your overall health. Remember, you can achieve better things if your mind and body are in perfect condition. Thus, you have to keep making sure that you take care of yourself and learn how to hit the pause button whenever necessary.

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