Types of Advertising Videos for Creating Awareness

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Marketers appreciate the significant impact videos have on their campaigns. No marketing campaign is complete without a video even when featuring the best-done image and text-based adverts. The use of videos for your marketing starts with a definition of what you want to achieve from your campaign.

There are three primary objectives for video marketing. These include awareness, education, and engagement. Engagement videos are designed to spark a reaction while education ones teach your clients something.

Awareness videos done by a corporate video production company from Manchester are meant to get you on your client’s radar. This does not mean they are basic videos introducing your brand to the market. These videos still have a broad appeal and high entertainment value to reach your audience.

Among the primary elements to focus on when putting together your awareness video is the content you choose for it. Here are the available options for your awareness video.

Roundup Videos

Roundups are generally curated around a specific theme like “top five best mats for hallways” or “must-try dishes in a Chinese restaurant.” The best roundups are those running for approximately four minutes at most and include varieties to cater to different audiences.

When using a roundup, do not merely speak to the camera but instead include stills of products and people and clips to make them exciting and less like adverts.

Company Culture Videos

Clients will feel closer to your brand when they have a sense of your mission, values, and corporate culture. Company culture videos showcasing your team are an ideal choice to give them an insight into the people behind a brand. By showcasing your company, you strengthen the brand loyalty of your audience since you give a human side to your brand.

Behind-the-Scene Videos

Businesses are focused on giving the best impression of their services and products when putting together an advertising video. People will, however, associate better with your product and service when they feel you are human and can make mistakes.

A behind-the-scenes video is an ideal opportunity to give your customers raw footage of the goings-on when shooting a video. Clients also feel special when they have exclusive access to the making of your adverts.


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They center on one or more people answering a few relevant questions concerning your products and services. You can opt for an interviewer who is already well-known and will draw people to your video or a new one who people will enjoy listening to.

Interviews are ideal for sharing your business values and setting your brand as inspiring or exciting. The questions you set in your interview should include the common ones people have concerning your products.

Creation of awareness with the above videos is not a preserve of small businesses and new brands. There are numerous new products coming up, and people are using aggressive marketing techniques for their brands.

It is thus easy for your clients to forget about you if you do not remind them periodically why they should stick with you. Working with the same company for all your advertising videos is ideal. This gives you consistency in your campaigns.

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