The Perfect Match: Stamping Inks and Stamp Styles That Match Well

Colorful inks dripping

Up your stamping skills and techniques with our favorite combinations of decorative stamps and inks. These combinations make the foolproof, perfect sets that yield clean and refined designs that look like they’re professionally done. Read more to learn more about our favorite combos.

Vintage Stamp Designs + Distress Oxides

This ink works fantastic for scrapbooking or memory books as it dries faster than its ink counterpart and possesses the same great archival properties. It also reacts well with water, so you can spray on your stamped on design to achieve a unique look, such as when using yarn block stamps.

Oxides won’t fade over time and maintain its color well. It has a powdery, chalky, matte finish, and does not smudge or smear when layered over with other wet coloring mediums, resulting in a cleaner and more professional looking stamping technique for your crafting project. This combo works great for baby books, for paper decorations to include in photo albums, as well as for journaling.

Travel Stamp Designs + Water Proof Dye Ink

Designing a travel journalLevel up your travel journaling by adding some bright stamped like airport stamp inspired designs. Get that faded, uneven, washed out look by pairing it with waterproof ink.

This type of ink maintains its color well, so you can layer watercolor and other coloring mediums on top of it, and it won’t wash off. The color sticks well on paper as it binds to it and is quick drying, too. Perfect for on-the-go travel documenting and a great way to infuse your journal with art.

Festive Stamp Designs + Chalk Pigment Ink

Festive stamps are a must-have in any stamp art enthusiast’s crafting box. These come in designs that are specific to an occasion, as well as geometric shaped designs and linear designs that are perfect for stamping on the fabric used for small accessories or making ribbons for gifts.

These are the perfect designs to use for making handmade cards and designing postcards. Using chalk pigment ink that works well with dark or white card stock, but they look especially charming when set on darker card stocks.

They dry faster than pigment inks, so they are smudge and smear proof. You can make it permanent by heat setting it, especially if you’re planning to layer it on with watercolor or other coloring materials. We love this combo on our cards, designing gift wrappers, gift ribbons, and stationery.

Customized Stamp Designs + Fabric Ink

Custom design stamps are a DIY-er’s treasure. These can be used for stamping designs on home décor, like when making pillowcases. One of our personal fabric favorites is quilter’s cotton. It soaks up ink well and doesn’t smudge. We’ve recently tried our newest customized rubber stamper for the throw pillow covers we just made.

The stamping design elevated the look of the finished product and made it the perfect textured layering pattern for our throw pillow arrangement. We used our stamper with a solvent-based stamp pad, which also works on other non-porous surfaces, making it the perfect ink for various DIY home décor materials.

These five are the go-to combos that give us great designs and amazing stamping results. We love how these combos work and how the finished product looks like every time, and we hope you can test it out, too on your next crafting session!

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