The Perfect Social App for Film Enthusiasts

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Watching movies is one thing, but being a film enthusiast is another. Film enthusiasts have a dedicated space in their homes for movies. Others have a whole movie room installed with soundproof walls, barnwood beams or posts, and carpet tiles for the experience.

When you love films, you do not simply watch. You become basked on its two-hour glory. Opening credits excited you, you notice details not just in the plot, you hear the scoring clearly, and most importantly you track down the movies you watched.

Regular movie-watchers remember the films by storylines and the actors, but film enthusiasts record their movie lists. They even have lists to watch, just as a normal person would have a to-do list. With so many movie releases online today, it is hard to keep up, especially when there are work and house chores to deal with. Not to mention, that there are times that even film enthusiasts would want to watch something new for a change.

A breath of fresh air, a palette cleanser in the form of binge-watching TV shows and even anime. Afterward, you forget the movies you have been meaning to watch because now you want to check out the live-action adaptation of the anime you have just watched.

So, how do you deal with this habit that might make you lose your film enthusiast badge? Do you want to be one of those fans that slacked off and now do not know what’s happening in the James Wan universe? No, so you need to get back on track with your movie list, and here’s the perfect app to help you get started: Letterboxd.

What is Letterboxd?

You can still keep your badge, even if you haven’t heard about the perfect social networking app designed for film enthusiasts.

In 2011, Letterboxd launched and followed by its social app. It focuses on users’ opinions and reviews of the movies they have watched. If there is Goodreads for bookworms, film enthusiasts have Letterboxd. It is like Twitter but for movies. So, the next time you thought about tweeting a thread about Dune, you can sign up and start your Letterboxd account today.

Also, do not worry about not receiving the same amount of interactions. Letterboxd is almost a community of movie lovers, aspiring filmmakers, and of course, film enthusiasts. The social app for movies now has over three million users all over the world, and it is a toxic-free place where you can share your thoughts regardless of how mainstream a movie is.

The Things You Can Do with Letterboxd

Aside from the fact that it is a generally safe space for you to criticize Twilight’s color tones, here are more things that you can do with the movie app:

Add All the Films You Have Watched Before

The main concern of new users is what about all the films they watched before? Film enthusiasts fear that their movie history would not be reflected on the app. Fortunately, Letterboxd allows users to add titles (movies) to their list of watched films. If you have the patience to add all five hundred films you have watched, then all you have to do is search for the title and click “watched”.

Lets You Review Film Titles

Yes, we already have Rotten Tomatoes for this, but Letterboxd is a profile-based social app. So that means you are reviewing the movies for yourself on your profile, not for the movie page. The same way a professional movie critic would on his page. Letterboxd gives you the option to rate the movie on a scale of one to five stars and gives you an unlimited number of characters for your review.

See Your Friend’s Watch list and Compare with Your

The beauty of a social networking app for movie lovers is that you get to share it with your friends. Have you ever watched a movie so good that you not only recommend it to your friends, but you basically force them to sit down and watch? It is because, as human beings, we want to share what we enjoy with people that we love. So, when it comes to sharing movies and recommendations, Letterboxd just made it easier.

Now, you do not have to recommend and get blown off, because Letterboxd will tell you what other users like based on their activity. You will also see if they’ve already watched the title, or if it’s not their watch list. If it is the latter then it is time to schedule a watch party! Lastly, the app notifies you when your to-watch items are already available in cinemas or streaming services. How sweet is that?

The best part of being a film lover? You remember all the stories, all the adventure, and the relief when the conflict is resolved. So, why not start using an app to help you remember and even share your experience with others?

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