Lego Storage Made Easy: Here’s How

If you’ve stepped on one too many Legos already, enough is enough. Dealing with rogue Legos scattered around your home can be tiring. Instead of always being on the lookout for one, it’s time to prioritize Lego storage.

In most of these projects, Legos are sorted by color, but you can organize them whichever way you want. If investing in an IKEA Lego storage box works for you, why not? What matters is you know how to keep them properly. Whether you want to organize your kids’ Lego collection or create some sort of aesthetic with these toy bricks, we’ve created an efficient Lego storage guide to help you out.

What is the Best Way to Store Legos?

To determine the best way to store your Legos, consider a couple of things. First, think about how you (or your kids, if you have) tend to play with them. Do you like to dismantle and rebuild your Legos? Or do you prefer building them than displaying them?

If you like building and dismantling Lego pieces, it’s best to organize Legos according to type or color. Baskets and bins are also your best friends. On the other hand, if you prefer displaying your Lego works, organize them by sets since you’ll be storing sets separately. Place the assembled creations in a bookcase or on floating shelves.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines a Lego organizer such as yourself must keep in mind.

Easy Lego Storage Ideas

Lego Storage Table

This storage solution doubles as a Lego play table. In most Lego storage table setups, plastic storage bins are used to store the Legos and hold the tabletop (most of the time, the tabletop is made from plywood). It’s a simple DIY project that anyone can do. You can even buy your child a table as a birthday gift and assemble it together.

There are many ways to build your own Lego table. If you want to build a homemade Lego table, use a hard surface (e.g. cardboard) and glue on some base plates. Place it on a free table and add some storage bins under for you or the kids to toss in your Legos.

Lego Storage Basket

If you are looking for an affordable way to sort your Legos, this is it! A simple bushel basket can hold plenty of Legos. If you want to organize your bricks by color, paint the baskets to represent the color of the Legos. These baskets keep the bricks off the floor and are always neat and tidy.

Torfast System for Legos

A Torfast system from IKEA is the secret to organized Lego storage. It keeps your blocks organized by color and you can label all the drawers. Minifigures and manuals get their own bins. It can also store those free magazines you get with each Lego purchase.

This system is also a great option for building buckets so your kids can keep their projects in one place.

Minifigure Storage Shelves

Organize your Minifigures while creating a centerpiece in your room by investing in good storage shelves. All you have to do is buy small shelves and glue baseplates on each shelf. Once you’ve installed them, attach all your Minifigures. It’s a good way to organize your Minifigures while displaying your collection.

Divider Organization Box

A Person Playing Legos
Lego storage made easy (Photo by Alena Darmel via Pexels)

A divider box is a practical way to store small bundles of Legos. If you don’t have a divided box at home, you can use a tea box with dividers. You can have several of these boxes to store your Legos or organize the bricks needed for a current project.

Giant Fabric Bins

If you love sewing, giant DIY fabric bins are perfect for Lego storage, especially if you have plenty of large Legos. It might not keep your bricks sorted, but it’s a good way to keep all of your blocks in one place. It also keeps them out of the way until you’ve played with them.

If a giant fabric bin isn’t an option, there are smaller fabric bins that can help you organize Legos by type or color.

Other Lego Storage Tips and Ideas

How can you easily and creatively sort out your Lego pieces and create an aesthetic in your space? Consider the following tips.

Sort Your Legos by Type

If you don’t want to organize your bricks by color, another effective way to organize them, especially if you have large Lego collections, is by type. Designate separate bins for cars, figures, blocks, specialty, and other pieces. Don’t forget to label the storage containers appropriately.

You have control over how detailed you want the pieces to be, but you’ll need larger bins for more general types of Legos and smaller ones for specialty blocks. This Lego organizational method also sparks creativity since you can mix and match pieces easily and create new Lego projects beyond the instruction manual.

Use a Drawer System

How can you keep your Legos visible, accessible and organized? Use a store-bought drawer system and some plastic bins. Use a different drawer for every Lego type, color, set or component. Attach labels to each bin so you can easily sort them, especially if the bins aren’t clear. When you have drawer storage for your Legos, the smaller pieces won’t easily get mixed with the other toys.

Hide Your Legos Under the Bed

If you’ve used every space in your room and need more space, use the space under your bed to sort and organize your Legos. Get a drawer that fits under your bed and fill it with baskets that can be used to separate your Legos by set, type or color. This is a good storage option for larger Lego options.

Don’t Forget About the Instruction Manuals

Setting up tables or shelves for your Legos is great, but it’s important to read the instruction manuals first. There’s nothing worse than pouring out blocks, only to realize that the instructions are missing. So, make sure that your Legos are organized well by compiling the manuals.


Stepping on Legos is never great. Instead of dealing with scattered Legos, keep them in one place and add charm to your place with these Lego storage ideas.

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