You Go Girl! The Best Interview Outfits for Women

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A job interview can make or break your career path. So, it makes sense to make sure that you prepare well for the big day — particularly with the clothes you wear.

Job interviews are great opportunities for applicants to make a great first impression on potential employers. A big part of the interview process is dressing for success. This is where choosing the best interview outfits for women comes into play. Because if you want to strike a great first impression, you need to know what to wear. This way, you don’t have to cram for an outfit.

But the market has many interview clothes for women, so making the choice can be difficult. What kind of clothes should you wear? What should I wear to an interview if I don’t have dress clothes? What are the best interview outfits for women?

Interview Outfits for Women: The Basic Rules

Dressing up for a job interview is all about matching the company’s culture. Most big offices prefer business professional clothes, but there are some small businesses and startups that are fine with people arriving in casual office clothes.

If you’re unsure of what to wear and still want to match the company’s office dress code, send an email to your recruiter to ask them about it. This might seem like you’re being an “eager beaver,” but this demonstrates your proactive nature and your want to do well in your interview. You want to know how their company branding works through their clothes.

If you’re uncomfortable with asking the recruiter about the dress code, check out the company’s social media page. Browse through their albums for their company photos to see what their team wears during office hours. Some businesses even have videos showing the employees at work. These videos might give you an insight into what the office dress code is all about.

It sounds like a weird plan, but as we mentioned above first impressions matter. Getting to know the company includes getting to know its dress code.

If the company feels strictly corporate, suits and dresses are the best interview outfits for women. But if they feel like Google or Facebook, you might get away with business casual.

What are the Best Interview Outfits for Women?

Your interview outfit depends on the type of job you’re applying for. No matter what the position is, and even if the company doesn’t have a dress code, you should always look well-dressed, tidy and neat.

To find out the best interview outfits for women, consider the tips below:

Experiment with Button-Down Shirts

Who says button-downs have to be boring? The sky’s the limit with these shirts. You don’t have to limit yourself to the basic pink, blue or white versions. Shake things up by experimenting with fabrics. For example, sheer silk chiffon works well if you layer it over a camisole.

When you’re shopping for button-down shirts, shop for shirts with a modest neckline. Your bra should always be covered. Also, it’s a good idea to tuck your button-down to maintain a professional look.

Pair Black Dress Pants and a Sweater

When it comes to interviewing clothes for women, a classic pair of black slacks is a must-have. It’s worth investing in a pair of dress pants that fit any outfit. Once you have a good pair of black slacks, you can either dress them down or dress them up. If you want to go for a more formal look, wear a blazer or a button-down shirt. But if you want to dress down, go for a sweater to perfect the business casual look.

Invest in a Good Pair of Black Dress and Tights

Are leggings appropriate for a job interview? Only when you pair them with a classic black dress.

A tasteful little black dress paired with tights adds some texture to your outfit. Pairing the dress with tights also makes your outfit look professional and modern. Your black tights should be subtle, but if you want to add charm to your attire, go for a cable pattern, ribbed or sheer stripe look with your tights.

Throw on a Print Cardigan

“Can I wear a cardigan to an interview?” you might ask.

Yes, you can! On top of that, you can wear a cardigan with prints. Although you shouldn’t wear anything too flashy or bright (e.g. animal prints are a big no-no), a two-tone print cardigan should be fine. It can add life to a dull-looking outfit and still help you look professional.

Wear a Statement Dress

Although it’s important to stay conservative and professional with your outfit, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore colors. Tasteful statement dresses with interesting colors, such as deep red or muted turquoise, are good additions to your wardrobe.

Another perk of wearing a statement dress: you don’t have to wear too many accessories! The dress speaks for itself already.

Dos and Don’ts of Job Interview Attires for Women

best interview outfits for women
So, which clothes should you wear to your interview? (Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels)

Still confused about the clothes that you should wear for your interview? Just keep the following rules in mind.

  • DON’T decide on what to wear on the day of your interview. Cramming your outfits for your interview will fuel your stress levels. You don’t want to look unprofessional, but this could happen if you don’t prepare your clothes beforehand. Even wearing the wrong bra might jeopardize your first impression. Plan for your clothes a day before (or even a few days before!).
  • DO your laundry a day before. Hiring staff can easily spot potential applicants. They can also spot dirt or stains you have on your shirt. Stains happen, but looking neat and tidy is also important during your job interview.
  • DON’T wear too much jewelry. Jewelry stacking is cool if you’re going to Coachella. But an excessive number of necklaces, bangles and chains might distract your interviewers.
  • DO take Zoom interviews just as seriously. Just because your interviews are online, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress well. These Zoom or Skype interviews require the same level of attention and thought to your outfit. Also, please wear pants! You never know if your interviewer will suddenly ask you to stand up.


What you wear during your job interview speaks volumes about who you could be at the office. So, instead of cramming your clothes, plan them carefully. Browse your favorite clothing shops for the best interview outfits for women. And always come prepared, so you can score that job.

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