Bridal Beauty: Wedding Makeup and Skincare You Should Know

Happy bride and groom on their wedding

The most common pieces of advice regarding wedding makeup are the following: go for a natural look, care for your skin, and avoid bold colors and smokey eyes. How about more practical ideas that help brides achieve the look they want for their big day?

What makeup products should you buy? Do you need to stick to a particular brand? How should you prep your skin?

During wedding makeup planning, brides are often torn between choosing to do their makeup on their own or hiring a professional to take on the task. You’d want to make the best choice, of course. And after that lengthy discussion with your chosen photographer and wedding video company, you’d want to look your best in your photos and wedding videos. So, here are the biggest beauty secrets every bride should know:

Look Like Yourself, but be a Better Version

We’ve all heard the reports that when the Duchess of Cambridge got married, she chose to do her makeup because she wanted her groom, Prince William, to still recognize her during their wedding day. She went for her usual look. The same is true when Kim Kardashian got married. As a big makeup fan, Kim didn’t follow the usual “no smokey eye” rule because her usual makeup looks involve a lot of bold eye makeup. She still looked like her usual self on her wedding day.

The key here is that if you wear minimal makeup daily, your wedding day is not the best time to try out a bold makeup look. If you’ve always been a fan of wearing a full face of makeup, going for that route on your wedding day won’t make you look out of the ordinary.

Prep Your Skin for Makeup

For a flawless bridal look, it’s not just about the makeup products you’ll use to cover dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin tone. Proper skin care is a vital part of the process, and this isn’t something that can be done overnight. To get that bridal glow, you need weeks–even months–of sticking to a good skincare routine so your skin is ready for all the makeup products you’ll apply on your big day. Start doing it at least five to six months before the wedding.

Avoid an Untested Skincare Routine the Night Before

The night before your wedding isn’t the time to be experimenting on new skincare products, no matter how high-end they may be. Stick to your regular cleansing regime. If you use new products, your skin might get exposed to products it isn’t used to, causing breakouts and irritation. Only use products you’ve tested before that worked on your skin. Buy products that use gentle ingredients on your skin.

Go for Waterproof Makeup Products

Eyeshadow with brush

Avoid that racoon eye look on your wedding day by sticking to waterproof mascara and other products. You’re bound to get emotional on your big day, but that doesn’t mean you’ll risk not looking your best for the photos. With waterproof products, you can wipe away your tears (and sweat) without ruining your makeup. If your wedding is in the summer, that’s more reason for you to stick to these types of products, especially for your foundation.

Achieve the wedding makeup look of your dreams with all these tips and top it off with a flashy smile for that perfect bridal beauty.

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