Are You Planning a Wedding? 4 Floral Trends to Try This 2020

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Roses are red, violets are blue, but which flowers are blooming for a wedding true? If you’re here, then perhaps you’re also planning to march down the aisle even if there’s an ongoing pandemic.

The great thing is you can make it even more memorable by embracing some of the most gorgeous and eye-catching trendy floral designs in 2020:

1. Sustainable Bouquets

You can say I Do to each other and Mother Nature at the same time with sustainable bouquets, but what does it exactly mean? It implies many things:

  • These could be repurposed or versatile plants. For example, your bouquet can be a floral centerpiece during the reception.
  • You use only endemic or native flowers. If you’re in California, work with a high-end florist when choosing the best that can fit your wedding theme.
  • These can also be wildflowers, which means they could be growing on your local trails or even your backyard.
  • You might also be using the plants that grow in your garden.
  • These are bouquets that use the least amount of resources from people to water and fuel for transport.

2. Fruits and Veggies

Bouquets are symbolic and aesthetically pleasing, but more often than not, brides leave them to wither. While they can decompose, perhaps it would be better to go for something more functional. Better yet, use a bouquet and centerpieces that you can consume – literally.

The choices for fruits depend on the season. For instance, oranges and yellows are amazing during the summer while red and purple ones like cherries and berries are visually stimulating in the fall and winter (since they create a beautiful contrast to winter snow).

For veggies, the hardy ones like cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage are excellent options. They can hold well throughout the ceremony, including the reception.

3. Bleached Greens

Casual Wedding

A winter wedding can be magical, but for some couples, having it in frigid temperatures might not be the best decision. The good news is you can already have it as a wedding theme, thanks to bleached greens.

Bleached foliage is the process of breaking down or modifying the colored compounds of a plant into colorless ones. Besides chlorophyll, which gives many their green shade, flowers can also have purple (anthocyanin) or lignin (brown) pigments.

If you’re not too bothered by changing the color of a plant to all-white, you can use it in many ways during the wedding. Besides being a bouquet, you can use it as a corsage for the entourage or adornment for the hair or veil.

4. Minimalist Buds

For some weddings, minimalism can be the name of the game. Surprisingly, it’s easier to do than most people think:

  • Succulents instead of elaborate floral pieces on the table
  • A lone sunflower, hydrangea, or giant poppy as a bouquet
  • A single rose or carnation in a slim glass vase

These floral trends in 2020 should make planning a wedding easier. After all, more stress is the last thing you want these days, especially with the pandemic. Know, though, that in the end, you do you. Pick a design that speaks what the entire union is about.

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