A Look at Branding and How Companies May Grow Their Brands

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A brand refers to a set of unique features and experiences that distinguish one entity from the rest of its kind. A brand may be positive or negative. However, the goal of any company is to create a positive image and perception of their company to prospective clients. A brand may not be solely developed from the quality of the delivered products. There are other ways a company may cement its position in the market:

Custom Business Cards

Business cards provide a formal way of sharing a company’s contacts with potential stakeholders. They do not have a standard design, so a majority of them are custom-made. For example, there are companies in the UK that design folded business cards for interested businesses. However, there are certain features that every business card should possess. For instance, every business card should indicate the company’s name, their speciality, and their physical address. The general design of a business card may vary from one profession to another. Business cards to be used in the hotel or tourism industry tend to be fancier than those to be used in the banking sector.

Brand Colours and Themes

Every company ought to select colours and themes to represent their brand. The same applies to formulating a creative tag line. The selected brand colours may then be used on their products and services. Brand colours and themes enable a company’s products to stand out even when placed together with competitor products. Consider your favourite chocolate or candy brands. You can possibly pick them out of a heap of chocolates and candies from other companies. In fact, a single glance is all that it may take to identify the brand name and its variety or flavour. That is the mark of effective branding. Otherwise, when a brand does not stand out from the rest, it is possible that it may lose its sales to other competing brands. This is why multinational companies go to the extent of trademarking the themes and designs of their product packages. As a company, you want to ensure that potential clients will not buy from your competitors out of the assumption that the two substitute products are produced by the same company.

Branded Office Stationery

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Every once in a while, you are likely to spot a person or a team of people wearing branded T-shirts and using branded pens to write on branded diaries. The use of branded stationery provides businesses with a non-verbal means of promoting their brand. In fact, it provides an effective way of creating a good first impression, especially when meeting prospective stakeholders for the first time. Some companies have gone to the extent of branding their offices and vehicles using their brand themes and colours.

Branding provides an effective way of engraving a company’s products or services to the minds of the public. Branding may be considered to be a form of religious advertising. When effectively done, customers develop their loyalty to a company, and they are not willing to consider alternative products.

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